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Sometimes we can’t always take your calls directly.  All of our clients require our undivided attention just as you would expect.  If you call the direct cell number, Sally may be in the middle of a consultation, but she will call you just as soon as she is finished.

Direct Cell#  727.267.3720


We often FaceTime or SKYPE many of our clients

especially if they are in different states, International or

just need a helping hand in a home, store, or condominium.


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Take a moment and send me a note or feel free to call. We often set up Face Time or SKYPE sessions, both nationally and internationally, for consulting purposes. We can use your smartphone pictures or videos to to begin with and put them in a special internet cloud that only you and those you choose can access. It only takes a moment to to get started.

Phone: 1.727.267.3720

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