Color and Decor Living room


Color makes the world go round. The colors you chose can make ALL the difference in how a space feels. Paint color is a powerful tool to correct building flaws and expand a space. The ceiling is your most important wall, getting the color right is imperative.

We have painted 400 plus boards with REAL paint on them, all so you can see what your individual light source and location does with a color. Picking a color from a fan deck is so counterproductive, always a guess, right? Hence the frantic client calling saying, “Please help me, OH MY GOD, I have 14 samples on the wall and I hate all of them”. Most often it is, all about seeing a color, the tone, and light pulling power, which makes the process a piece of cake. Yes, the client wants my opinion but they are instilled with the confidence to forge forth, knowing they have a great color. This process is so fun for me because my clients see that colors change depending on the room and setting. A color can look spectacular in their kitchen with their tile or countertop, but be lifeless somewhere else. THE POWER OF COLOR…..

My clients KNOW what they want, they just want a little help pulling it all together. I call it, lending a second set of eyes, to point out the best possible combination, to bring the upscale look they are wanting. Really it is delving into the textures, color tones and style that you are wanting to incorporate. The direction to lay the flooring is very important in how a space feels, combined with pulling the best tones out of the products, so everything plays well together.