Color and Decor Bath


Shower Glass, Tile, Cabinets, Sinks, Color, Light

Many people struggle with bathroom remodels because they either have a small space with not enough room to turn around or a large bathroom area, where maximizing the space is difficult. Unfortunately, so few homes are built with floor plan layout in mind. A builder builds the house and each room has to fit the exterior structure. Leaving people scratching their heads, saying why is this room so poorly laid out. SOOOOOOO, this means many people rip walls out or have to redesign the space. Often saving the client time and money is my goal. Showing my clients how we can pull the best tones out of all the products to create the desired upscale feel, is fast and easy if we take an hour to visit, a place like “ProSource”or “Floor and Decor”. Finding the Lighting, best Color, flooring, tile, that expands and creates an ambience does not take long.

Next comes the mirrors, countertops, sinks, faucets, flooring, paint color back splashes, shower fixtures, shower glass, shower floor tile, floor tile, ventilators, lighting, bath floor tile, toilets, grout, Ceiling paint colors, wall paint colors door colors, and cabinets

Bathrooms should be as bright and as easily cleaned as possible.  No dark colors unless the space is large.

We offer both remodel or new 2D and 3D basic or highly customized designs for kitchens and baths so that clients can review them online and make all of the changes they like.  We have over 40 years of experience in kitchen and bath cabinetry including several cabinet companies in New England.  Here are just some of the 2D and 3D options we can perform for our clients.  Take a look and see if we can be of some help!  Also you might wish to visit Sally Fretwell Cabinets at the bottom of the this page if you have some time.